Breadcrumb modification due to multiple, parallel installations

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    First off, I love the theme. It’s very classy, very fast to load, has sort of a magazine grid style, but much, much cleaner.

    I’ve been able to do a few mods thanks to all the useful info I’ve found on the forums. So maybe someone can help me with this…

    I have a website with different sections and would love to have a grid for each section. Since the theme only supports one grid at the front page, I had to make 2 installations to support this “want” and the two sites look identical, including the menus, widgets, etc, to give a unified look.

    However, on the second site, the breadcrumbs “Home” link directs back to that section’s home vs. the “real” home (of course.) I’d like to modify that so when people click at “Home” from the breadcrumbs on, it directs them to the main home page at

    Can this be done?

    Daniel Tara

    For the second installation open functions.php and in the function esplanade_breadcrumbs() replace home_url() with the url to the home page of the first installation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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