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    Trying to pick a theme for my new site and was testing out your Esplandade theme. It looks great but the lightbox doesn’t seem to work. I only have 5 plugins and turned them all off, but still nothing. Can you help?



    Does anybody respond these comments? If not I’ll need to take my business elsewhere.


    Do not await more to change, archenemys. I’ve got the same problem, plus any others, and never receive answers.
    The theme is very nice, but it do not work properly. Things that do not work:
    Sliders in posts.
    Sliders in widgets.
    Support from One Designs.

    In previous version it worked. Not now and no support for this free theme.
    Me and others who used to use this theme have changed it for a paid one, because you can not afford one day your web page is not working properly.

    Advise: I left a disgusting comment in Esplanade section comments and it was deleted. I did not insulted nobody and them deleted it.
    So, there you are your answer.

    Best Regards.

    Nico Santos

    I am using esplanade version 1.0.9 in one website and the lightbox feature works allright. Then I installed esplanade 1.1.0 for a new website, and the lightbox never worked. I deleted the whole theme folder (1.1.0) for the new website, and uploaded the old version (1.0.9) and now images open in a lightbox in the new website, too.

    Lightbox is broken in version 1.1.0 of esplanade. Get 1.0.9

    As a clue, this is the changelog for version 1.1.0, could it be something with jQuery? Also, this is what you miss for not updating from 1.0.9 to 1.1.0. Really waiting for 1.1.1…
    * Added jQuery compatibility code
    * Sanitize CSS to avoid XSS but allow the ‘>’ selector
    * Updated jQuery Layout script
    * Fixed script dependencies for jQuery Layout
    * Removed header_image_height option
    * Removed deprecated custom header functionality
    * Replaced Farbtastic with WP-Color-Picker
    * Updated screenshot for retina displays


    Where do you download 1.0.9?


    Hello all – I fixed this problem in my Esplanade by downloading the plugin, Lightbox Plus Colorbox. Check out his tutorial videos for this plugin at Also, read the updated directions just below the installation plugin video. This fixed it for me.

    Nico Santos

    Where do you download 1.0.9?

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