Having problems with how header displays on iphone

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    My site is theglittersundayblog.com.
    The site looks great when I look at it on my laptop, but when I look at it on my iphone, the y is missing from the word Sunday. It looks like the mobile screen isn’t big enough to fit it. I did make the logo bigger… so maybe that is why. How can I get this to look better on my mobile device?? Word of warning, I have no idea how to write code. And even if you gave me code to copy and paste in, I have no idea where to paste it. I’m trying to learn.

    Also, if you have any feedback on how this displays, let me know. I would like people to be able to subscribe to the blog on a mobile phone, but I see my email subscription option doesn’t come up. Many people view sites on their mobile phones, so I want it to look as good on mobile as it does on the computer. πŸ™

    Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me!



    Ok another thing I’m noticing is that when I click on one of my posts from the home page, it takes me to the post… but the theme is different. It looks like the old theme I had on my wordpress.com site. This blog is now self hosted and I’ve downloaded the theme through wordpress.org and it is completely different from my past theme on wordpress.com. Last night when I looked at the blog post, it looked more like my current theme. What the heck!

    Daniel Tara

    Try making the Site Title smaller or add a space between Glitter and Sunday. Long words in big fonts don’t fit in mobile screens.

    I can see your subscribe form and access your posts without issues.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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