HTML Widgets / Ads Getting Cut-Off on iPhone/Mobile Site

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    I just installed Pinboard a week ago, and one of the issues I’m having is that when I add a widget or anything really that uses html code, these items get cut off on my iPhone if they are wider than about 250 pixels.

    Here are a couple examples:
    I have a Google Docs form to take information on that page, and it is set to 550 px wide. It looks fine on computers, but it cuts off half the form on my iPhone. By comparison, I have a similar Google Docs form on another WordPress site that I run, and it automatically resizes with the whole website to the size of the screen or mobile device. See that Google Docs form here:

    I just started this website, and this is the first post that I am trying to monetize with ads. I have a couple iTunes widgets/ads to listen to or purchase music, and I had to resize both of those to less than 250 px wide so they did not get cut off. I also have a Google AdSense account, and when I tried to put banner ads from Google on this post, it did the same thing, cutting off any part of the banner that goes beyond 250 pixels wide.

    I thought the purpose of a responsive site is that it automatically adjusts to different types of devices and screen sizes, but my other website is not a responsive theme. It adjusts everything on every page to fit whatever size screen, while my “responsive” Pinboard theme just clips things instead of resizing them.

    I love this theme and want to stick with it, but this is a major issue, as I play to use a lot of iTunes, Amazon and Google widgets and ads as I build this site.

    Can anyone offer any help?!?

    Daniel Tara

    Try using the Top Sidebar instead of the Right Sidebar. It works just like the Right Sidebar (i.e. it still displays floated to the right) but stretches double the width of the Right Sidebar.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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