Latest update has caused editing problems

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    I’ve been using Esplanade since it’s conception and absolutely love the theme you’ve created, however since the latest update I have a couple of annoying problems.

    Whilst in ‘Edit’ for posts and pages I can no longer add media or use the ‘Text’ tab.
    When I click the ‘Add Media’ button nothing happens other than a # tag appears in the URL (Maybe that is normal). So I cannot add media to new or old posts.
    Also, when I try to change from the ‘Visual’ tab to the ‘Text’ tab that does not work either.

    Obviously this is a big problem for me so do you think you know what has caused this?

    Extra information:
    Deactivated all plugins but no change.
    Not tried reloading Esplanade yet until advised by yourself.
    I setup a friends WP website with all same plugins etc (Different theme) and all the same recent updates and his still functions correctly. This is why I assume it’s the Esplanade update that has caused the problem.

    My site:


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    Daniel Tara

    Both work for me in Esplanade v. 1.1.4 with WP v. 3.8.1. Make sure you are also using the latest version of WordPress.

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