Pinboard theme question / creating pinboard style on a page & reply form removal

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    Hi there,

    Couple questions on the use of Pinboard. The site is:

    I have created posts for all the products and created the Pinboard look for the main products page. My question is how do I create the Pinboard look for each of the subpages or each individual product grouping, meaning scarfs, handbags, etc.? Is there a way to separate out by category or some other method? When using the blog page template for the page attributes, it shows all the posts, (or all the products) and doesn’t allow for me to narrow by category. The work around I have created is cutting and pasting the code from each individual product page, creating an almost blog like post for each product category, which is not ideal as the Pinboard styling is more visually ideal.

    On the home page there is a Leave a Reply/Post Comment box. how do I remove this from the Home page? As it is not necessary as there is a contact form for the website.




    I see you got this sorted – can you advise how please as I am having the same issue with a friends site.

    Daniel Tara

    What you can do is create a category and assign it as portfolio. Then, make all product categories as subcategories of the portfolio category.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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