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    I’m super new to this. I saw one or two posts about Portfolio issues, but the responses were basic and vague.

    I want to set up my site to look like the demo, with blog posts on the front, and a four column portfolio page, accessed by the link in the menu. I want my blog to be separate from the portfolio, but from what I was seeing, you have to create your portfolio from the blog function, making your Portfolio a category? I don’t understand.

    Originally, I thought the Portfolio was a Page function (because “Portfolio” options are listed in the page template options), and each portfolio item (ex, “Kitten” in the Demo) was a subpage of a Portfolio page, but when I did that, it didn’t show up when I clicked the page I named Portfolio in the menu. I got Content Not Available.

    Can anyone just give me a simple step by step on how to set up a Portfolio as a four column page like the demo?


    You create a Portfolio Page (with the template option)

    then to add stuff to the portfolio that is where the categories come in. You have to create a Portfolio category and you can create sub categories if you want like in the demo (animals, etc)

    To add the images, you create a Post and add a featured image and make sure on the right you click the portfolio category (and any sub categories if you want)

    To add more images to portfolio, you create more posts.

    joan w

    hum. just tried a portfolio test there. created a new page, titled it ‘portfolio’, selected the portfolio template….and all my general posts show on it….?

    why would that be? that is an open question and something i will have to return to, to find out. as it is likely i will want to set up a portfolio section to just show the art work, down the road. but i don’t want to have the general posts showing up in the portfolio.

    for now i will make a new category in catergories called portfolio.

    thanks, joan

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