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    Hi Daniel;
    First of all, thank you so much for this theme; I really love it! I think is very functional and pretty at the same time.
    Second of all: sorry for my english; if something is not clear please let me now.

    I have two problems when I activate the custom query widget, with ‘Taxonomy’ set as Query. This is the widget setting, that its’s showed in the ‘after content sidebar’:
    Type: List
    Grid: 3 columns
    Query: Taxonomy
    Taxonomy: Category
    Total number of entries: 3
    Number of leading entries: 3

    These are the problems:

    1) Menu under the logo
    [only happens in screens near 990px width]
    All the menu items are shown under the logo -instead of at the right-; and their backgroung dissapears, so all the menu are vissualy paste with the content of the page.
    Screenshot here:

    2) Some bootstrap shortcodes stop working
    As far as I noticed, the ‘tabs’ and ‘collapse’ don’t work.
    [They do work without the sidebar mentioned before]

    You can see the problems here:

    Both menu and bootstrap shorcodes work ok in the rest of the web, or without this widget; but when I activate the Taxonomy query, the problems appears.

    Could you help me please?
    Thanks in advance!

    Daniel Tara

    1. A similar issue was resolved in the latest version that was released today, though it didn’t happen only at widths near 990px. There are no devices with a width of 990px, you should check if it looks properly on 960px and 1024px widths instead.

    2. The page generates a fatal error that prevents the page’s footer (where the scripts are located) to load. You need to enable debug mode for the error to display on screen.


    That was fast! (=

    1) I uploaded the theme, but it is still not working.
    It looks ok in 1024px, but in 960px the menu is broken.

    2) Enabled debug mode, and this is the error showing in the footer:
    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/omniacom/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 3043
    I have no idea what it means. I googled, and tried some things but can’t fix the problem.
    Any clue?

    Thank you.

    Daniel Tara

    That is a very ambiguous error, could be triggered for several reasons. If you remove the Custom Query Widget from the sidebar does the error still trigger? What PHP version are you using?


    When I deactivate the sidebar everything works ok.
    My PHP Version is 5.4.35

    Could you replicate the problem in your site? [to see if it’s just me or not]

    For the moment I had to deactivate all the sidebars with CQ Categories.
    But it will be great to use them! I reallly like the functionality of the theme, it’a a pitty.


    Daniel Tara

    The problem with the menu is directly related to the error thrown by the shortcodes plugin. Since the scripts are printed in the footer and the fatal error prevents the footer from printing, the script that makes the nav menu respond is not loading.

    The error is most probably triggered by the shortcodes plugin. Make sure you’re using the latest version. If the error still happens try a different plugin like Easy Bootsrtap Shortcodes, DW Bootstrap Shortcodes or Twitter Bootstrap Shortcodes Ultimate Add-on.


    Thanks Daniel, i’ll try the plugins you mentioned.
    Happy New Year!

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