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    First of all, I must say that Esplanade is an incredible theme. Very nice and powerful.

    Now, the question:
    I´ve been using it to build a photography site, and all was OK until the last update of the theme. The Weptile Slider plugin, from is not working anymore.
    It is a strange behaviour from the theme, because it works with older version of this and with other themes.
    Could you try to fix it, please?

    Mu site is temporary located on

    Thank you very much.


    Hi All,

    I have the same problem and the same opinion about Esplanade…
    The lightbox don’t runs since the last updated
    My web is:

    Thanks in advanced and Best Regards


    Oh… I have seen also that WP Slider plugin does not work.
    Clearly this is a behavior of the Esplanade theme. I am very frustrated, because my work is at a very advanced state and I don’t want to start it again with another template.

    Could you, at One Designs, tell us anything about this?

    Best Regards


    I understand the answer can’t be in the moment, but since two days ago, we haven’t any news to this question…

    I think is the moment to think about a change of template.

    Sorry a lot.



    I was wondering just the same thing a few minutes ago.
    This morning I was looking for a new template, a paid one. At least it would have a real support. And I’ve got one perfect for my purposes.

    To One Designs: I know Esplanade is a free theme and the support can not be as a paid theme, but after two days, as jggazquez says, it would be appreciated a response from your side.
    Maybe you would better think to make paid solid rock templates, with a fast and real support to resolve problems like this. And think that this not good publicity for you.

    Best Regards.


    Hi Zarachrome,

    I obtain an Esplanade old version from my security disk, and my web runs well again, if you like I can send you.

    I wait for your news.



    hello jggazquez

    Can you send me the template old that works [email protected]?

    thank you very much

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