Support Policy

Support is offered for free via Support Forum as a courtesy for all users of our themes. For the moment we only offer support via forums and don’t offer any client installation or configuration services as well as customization services but we plan to introduce these services at some point in the future.

Support Schedule

Our theme is located in Bucharest, Romania and we have a time zone of GMT + 2. Due to the time difference there may will delays in answers, especially if you live on the other side of the world. We will try to answer all questions in reasonable time but since this is website is maintained in our spare time there will be some delays as well as occasional blackout periods when support will not be available.

When this is the case please be patient understand this does not happen by intention. Wait to see if another forum user has a solution for you and if possible try to help out other users that may be in need. The purpose of the forums is to have a functional community where people help each other out.

Support Coverage

We offer support for installation and configuration of our themes. For any plugins listed as recommended for the theme we will offer limited integration support for issues that relate to theme compatibility. We also offer support for any issues that may arise when using our themes as well as any bugs and compatibility issues that may appear.

We do not offer support for 3rd-party plugins not listed as compatible with the theme. Also, we don’t offer support for any issues related to 3rd-party theme customizations that broke the normal functionality of our themes. Occasionally, when an issue arises due to a theme customization or plugin compatibility issue that is simple enough to be immediately detected, a solution to this issue may be provided at the discretion of our support agent.

Posting in the Forums

Before you post a question, make sure you have read the theme’s documentation. If the issue you have questions about is not covered by our documentation, make sure to search the forums first to see if an answer to a similar question was already given. This prevents duplicated questions, keeps a streamlined knowledge base and also helps our support staff by easing the workload.

Finally, if your question is not covered in any topics, select the appropriate theme subforum and open a new topic. Try not to dig out an old topic or post a slightly offtopic question in another user’s topic as this will just bring confusion to our support staff and other users.