Announcing Enlightenment Framework 2.0

Version 2.0 of Enlightenment Framework is currently in development and expected to be released April 2017 as the next major iteration of the framework. This version will add integration with the Theme Customizer, introduce new features, discontinue old ones, improve integration with third party plugins and bring the framework in line with the Theme Review Guidelines.

Version: 2.0.0

Rough Deadline: April 2017

Release Type: Major

Caveats: Breaks backwards compatibility with version 1.x

Differences from v1.x

  • Fix all known bugs from version 1.x
  • Porting Theme Options page to Theme Customizer
  • Improving UX of user settings panels
  • Live preview of theme customizations
  • Add support for various popular plugins

New Features

  • Allow importing of theme demo content
  • Allow import/export of theme settings
  • Allow page builder content blocks to be saved as templates

Discontinued Features

  • Theme options page to be replaced by theme customizer
  • Site Logo to be replaced with core solution

Introduce Support for Plugins

Improved Integration with Plugins


  • Replaces version 1.x
  • Discontinues version 1.x
  • Not backwards compatible with version 1.x