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    Hi Dan,

    As you know, I’ve tinkered quite a bit with some of the smaller aspects of the theme. I’d like to allow three mini-posts to be populated under the “featured” heading, if at all possible. If you look on the site ([url=http://www.riftwatchers.com]Rift Watchers[/url]), under the headlines content, the “popular” posts has three, which you advised me on a bit earlier, but I’m not seeing anything in functions.php to similar to the section for featured posts. I’m probably missing something pretty basic.

    Any idea what code I’d need to change to allow the three most recent featured posts to populate?

    Daniel Tara

    In home.php find this line:

    <?php query_posts("caller_get_posts=1&showposts=3&category_name=".get_option('cover_wp_featured_cat', 'Featured')); $i = 1; ?>

    Replace [code]showposts=3[/code] (I think it’s [code]showposts=2[/code] in your case) with the number of posts you would like to show

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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