3 issues- still unresolved -posts,widget icon & footer

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    hi to anyone who may help me-

    this website is great, and based on its demo totally user friedly. after extensive trial and error- and reading from this support forum, i managed more or less to do set up the menu for what I wanted to do with my website; I still need to upload all my photos in the desired categories ..
    I still have three issues pending- if any other user can help me out please,

    1. I would like to change the number of posts displayed in my gallery category-please see ‘commercials’ in my website [url=http://www.virtusphotography.com/category/commercials/]
    as you can see there are 2 posts, but the titles are not showing properly- How can I remedy this?
    ( I have tried increasing the size of the feature image- but doesn’t work)

    2. my Widget Icon ( Tags ) is not showing [url=http://www.virtusphotography.com/] I do not know how to resolve this –

    3. My footer is not showing at all in any of my pages/categories – throughout the Website,

    please shed some light my way if you can

    thanks Juliana/Sandrine



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)


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