A second Twitter icon in the header please.

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    Hello, I want to show two twitter accounts in the header, how to do this.?
    I tried to fill in the twitterlink at the pinterest line (in theme options) and changed the code in style.css (where it sais “pinterest.png” I filled in “twitter.png”), but than all icons disappeared.
    thanks for helping
    the website i’m working on is http://www.b-write.nl




    I think it would be far simpler to keep all the coding as it is.
    Although I’ve not tried it myself, I would suggest the following:

    1. Keep your 2nd twitter link in the pinterest line in theme options
    2. Use an FTP client to access the “images” folder for the theme
    3. Rename pinterest.png and pinterest_2x.png (e.g. pinterest_old.png)
    4. Duplicate twitter.png and twitter_2x.png
    5. Rename the duplicated files pinterest.png and pinterest_2x.png

    That should do it!


    Hi portugalia,

    I have done some work arounds in this area for several sites –

    As vetsonline suggested – you really don’t have to fuss with many changes to core coding, you can simply use an account in theme options that is unused, then over write the graphic Social Media icons with another Twitter version – (rename it if you want to, but then rename it in the code too (and so you know what did – comment it) then upload through FTP –

    One thing though, if you keep the same name for the graphic overwrite, every time there is an update to the theme – it will over write your graphics back to their defaults (unless you make a child theme for the template)

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