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    I have successfully created a lovely slider for my home page by using sticky posts, and would like to add featured images to my pages. So far, I have created a page and then used the “set featured image” link on the right-hand side, but no image shows up on the page when I do this.

    Please advise

    Thank you!


    Yeah, I too like to have the featured image at the top above the particular post (single post page). Any way to do that? Or better, to include it in (one of) the next update?


    me too, I like to know about this function.


    I added it myself yesterday, don’t know if it’s the correct or best way, but it works. I just added

    <?php if (has_post_thumbnail()) the_post_thumbnail(array(746,420));?>

    to single.php, right after <header class="entry-header">. 746,420 inside the array() specifies the size (width,height) of the picture (and it seems the the width takes precedence). You could change it to your needings. You also could change the whole »array()«-statement to one of ‘small’, ‘medium’, and ‘large’ (which refers to the settings in Settings->Media.

    I still hope that this will be included in the next theme update, maybe with an option to turn it on/off?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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