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    Hi, I really like the Pinboard theme and are going to use it on my page However, I have a question on the custom CSS. I was trying to adjust the width of the center area to give my images in the posts more space. Still I cannot figure out what I need to put into the custom css section in order to make it wider. It seems that changes have no effect or I’m using the wrong CSS parameters.

    Intention is to have a width of about 1100-1200px for the main area / post area.

    Thanks for your help.

    P.S.: I haven’t tried to adjust the files directly on the server, as I believe this is what the custom section is all about.

    Daniel Tara

    Try assigning a custom width to the #content seelctor and then a complementary width to #sidebar to avoid pushing it to the bottom.


    This works perfectly fine now! Thanks for your help.


    Since, I have received quite some questions on this topic, I have written a Blog Post explaining what I did exactly:


    My query is similar in that I want to know how to adjust the width of the sidebar. I’m not keen on the default setting. It is a really great theme overall and if this could be included as a user option, it would more flexible. Thanks.

    Pat. M


    And please don’t forget to include a button in the user options “Make it the way I like it”. It also would make it more flexible. Thanks.

    I also would like to have random generator of all options everytime somebody click something on my blog. Together with the “Make it the way I like it” button this would be awesome.

    Or would this rather be a contradiction??

    Anyway, cheers,
    Alexander @

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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