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    @ http://www.thefruitnation.com/articles/

    At the bottom when I click ‘load more posts’ it just refreshes with ‘There are no more posts to display.’

    I do have more posts, and if I switch to the ‘static links’ option I can see them on the page 2 just fine.

    Also is there a way to hide/remove ‘sticky’ blog posts from showing up in the regular blog feed?

    Thanks in advance for any insight!


    Did you find a solution? I’m having the same problem. I think it’s ajax related but I have no idea.

    Daniel Tara

    There was a bug with AJAX navigation that was fixed in version 1.1.3.


    Infinite scrolling is not working for me but so far I have not been able to get it working. I have a 3 column layout with infinite scroll and the responsive design is meant to remove the sidebars but both infinite scroll and removing the sidebars for mobile doesn’t work.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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