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    Daniel Tara

    It’s been radio silent for about a year now around here and I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from you asking if themes are still being maintained. The short answer is yes, most themes are still being maintained.

    In summary, development has stalled because our framework was no longer compliant with the Theme Review Guidelines and fixing it proved to be no simple task. Enlightenment Framework version 2.0 is in the works and it’s supposed to fix all current bugs and bring the framework in line with the current Theme Review Guidelines. The final version is expected to ship April 2017.

    For a detailed explanation, you can read the full announcement where I’ve tried my best to explain what’s been going on during the past year, what caused theme development to stall and the solutions I’m proposing to the existing problems.

    To stay up to date with the development of Enlightenment Framework 2.0 and receive an email every time we release a public alpha or beta version, sign up to our Development Newsletter here.

    If you have any questions or suggestions feel free reply to this topic. I would like to know you point of view on the matter and what issues you’ve been struggling with so I can have a better understanding about how things need to improve around here. Please make sure to read the full announcement before posting. Thank you.


    Hi Daniel,

    I am glad to see that you are still working on themes. Though the link above for the announcement is not working right now, I am sure it explains why things have been stalled. I look forward to what version 2.0 looks like on the Enlightenment Framework, and would be happy to help beta test if you need it.


    Daniel Tara

    Thank you for letting me know. I have fixed the link and it should be working now.


    Hi Daniel,

    Any new update on the final version for Enlightenment 2.0?
    Waiting here eagerly, especially WooCommerce compatibility…


    Daniel Tara

    I’m going to do my best not to turn this into a rant. What happened was personal issues have prevented me from reaching the April deadline. The reality of the matter is that for non-commercial projects such as this website setbacks like this are always bound to happen. This wouldn’t be such a major issue if people would treat the themes provided on this website as what they are: a hobby side project. Instead people downloaded the themes, used them for their business website and then relied on commercial support from me which was never available.

    Rest assured, Enlightenment v2.0 is still in the works. In fact, support for WooCommerce is already complete and all that remains are fixing some issues with the theme customizer, writing a script that imports the demo content and a plugin that migrates the old version of the theme. These tasks are more difficult than they sound.

    Since demand for premium support high I have decided to give the commercial theme market a chance. My first premium theme is under development in parallel with Enlightenment. The good part is that revenue from that theme may allow me to focus more on existing users of my themes and maybe even hire a dedicated support team. The not so good part means that working on both themes will likely delay the release of Enlightenment v2.0 a tad further.

    For the moment I’m back answering requests in the support forums.


    Hi Daniel,
    As it seems your latest answer is almost directed to me, I’m also going to do my best not to turn this into a rant.
    Everybody has personal issues, and many times we are forced to skip our own targets, especially when doing a non-commercial project.

    But, as your very good theme has being distributed to many people during the last years, my believe is that we should at least receive an update from time to time about the status of the 2.0 development, even if just to say: “I’m sorry guys, but there will be delays…”.

    This way we would at least know that we could expect it to be released somewhere in the future.

    The way you have managed, disappearing even from your own forum, nobody could say if you were still working on any of the themes available here, or to be honest, if you were still alive…

    Keep your good work, and please remember to say “Hi” sometimes…

    Daniel Tara

    My last answer was not directed to you and I had no intention to make it seem that way. In fact I took advantage of you asking the question so I could issue a status update for everybody who’s been interested.

    I have explained here how it’s possible that I disappear from the forums from time to time and don’t worry, I won’t just abandon this website like that since it still costs me money to run it 😀

    You are right that I could announce that there will be delays, I just despise to do so. None of these MIAs were ever planned and usually by the time I had realised what was going on user frustration had already grown. Imaging popping in after a couple of months just to inform people you won’t be able to answer their questions.



    Just to say this is a great theme (Enlightenment Theme). Daniel seems to be a victim of his own success.

    He is quite right about people picking this up seriously then being frustrated by a lack of support. There is nothing to indicate that this is a hobbytheme not to be used for business purposes. Quite the opposite – the themes’ clean-cut design and the Onedesigns website entices us to think this will be fairly well supported and that there is more than just an individual person with their individual bank account behind the theme.

    Like I said a victim of his own success.

    That being said, I am sure every one of us would like to show support. One way we could do this, and also perhaps signal that this is a hobbytheme is if there were a call for donations – like a paypal button? I have not searched but there is none obvious.

    Also, this is a good theme, why does he not commercialise this one rather than develop a new one (this is a suggestion not a question).

    I really hope Daniel can get it all to hang together. Good vibes in his direction!


    Hello Daniel ,

    Can we get the update this year??
    Is there any way to access the theme RC version ? If yes please let me know..

    all the best!
    Thanks in advance


    am certain all of us might want to show support. One way noocube where to buy we could do this, and furthermore maybe signal.

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