Announcing Enlightenment Theme 2.0 beta

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    Daniel Tara

    Enlightenment Theme version 2.0 is in private beta. There is no code to download yet but you can check out the live demo.

    Enlightenment WordPress Theme 2.0

    Once the theme will be released it will be made available for free like all our previous themes.

    What’s new in version 2.0?

    Version 2.0 introduces several exciting features, including support for several popular plugins like Elementor and WooCommerce, integration with the new Gutenberg block editor and multiple under the hood enhancements:

    • A fresh new design that is both modern and timeless.
    • Ability to create landing pages using Elementor and Gutenberg.
    • Integration with WooCommerce and several WooCommerce extensions.
    • Support for The Events Calendar plugin and all its add-ons.
    • Integration with the BuddyPress, bbPress and rtMedia plugins.
    • Responsive controls for layouts and grids.
    • Integration with the WordPress Theme Customizer.
    • Ability to import demo content and to import/export theme settings.

    Go ahead and inspect the theme’s live demo to see the future version in action:

    View Demo

    To stay up to date with the theme’s progress sign up to our newsletter below:

    If you have any feedback regarding the theme’s appearance and functionality, as well as any features you feel are missing just reply to this topic.


    Daniel, I want first of all to say that your work is stunning. I used this theme for a site a long time ago and I delayed upgrading php so that I could keep it as long as possible. Some questions:

    1. Will Enlightenment 2 trigger an update to the existing theme? And if so, will that be done without breaking anything done in the older version? Off the top of my head: glyphicons.
    2. Will that be a premium theme with a light free version?

    Daniel Tara

    Enlightenment v2 will indeed trigger an update on websites running v1. The theme hasn’t received an update in over 5 years so things are most likely bound to break, however menu icons and descriptions are not one of them since very little has changed for those features particularly.

    One thing that changed was that Glyphicons was replaced by Font Awesome as the default iconset in v2, however the fix will be as simple as going to the Customizer and changing the iconset. Although I recommend you switch to Font Awesome instead as the icons are a lot more polished.

    I see from your site is that you are using the Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin. Since this theme upgrades to Bootstrap 5 and the plugin you are using currently does not support it, that’s a part of your website that is likely to break. When the update comes out I recommend you clone your website to a staging site and test the new theme there.

    The theme will be 100% free with all advertised features working without the need to upgrade to a premium version.


    Daniel, thanks for the detailed reply and advice, really amazing!
    I can see Bootstrap 4 shortcodes plugin and I guess they will update for 5.


    — One feature I would definitely like to see is Dark Mode (also respecting OS preference), maybe Bootstrap 5 has something for it.
    — Scroll back to top button
    — Are icons still selectable for menu items? I can see Bootstrap 5 has its own icon set.

    Daniel Tara

    — Dark mode is a planned feature, but it will most likely land in 2.1. There is a long list of features to come, but implementing them all would delay the release. The theme is late as it is.

    — Noted, that is definitely useful.

    — Yes, you will be able to choose from multiple iconsets. The default will be Font Awesome.

    Alain Granger

    Hello Daniel,

    I don’t no if I’m at the right place for my message. Sorry for my message I’m not fluencte.
    I don’t no why but my menu didn’t work. I change nothing and my menues with submenu stop working. I’m afraid…
    Can you help me?

    Daniel Tara

    @Alain Granger, this is a topic regarding an unreleased theme so you’re definitely not in the right place. If you’re using Enlightenment v1 please open a new topic with your problem and include more details. A link to your site would be very helpful.


    Another possible feature for performance/SEO improvement would be AMP for WordPress support (for example the way it was implemented by Neve).

    Daniel Tara

    AMP is tentatively planned for a future release. The feature is too large to include it in 2.0 and still have a timely release. Although, I am not entirely convinced AMP isn’t something that should would be better left to plugins.


    Well, that is what the official plugin does (AMP for WordPress), but it is implemented better when the theme is better prepared for it. Search neve amp support to see what I mean (if I use links here my message is not published).

    Daniel Tara

    Supporting a plugin sounds like a more sensible approach. Thanks for your suggestion.


    Hi! I love Enlightenment! My three websites are supported by your theme 🙂 I really need to renovate one of them and I’d love to do it using Enlightenment 2.0. Do you know when the code can be expected?
    Thank you so much for your work!

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