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    how can I insert a large image / logo in the header? the image will be larger than 196 × 48 pixels, the size of the blog. Thank you!


    it took me all day, but here it is – to change the logo go to appearance, to editor and to theme functions to find the code you need to change.

    you will see;

    // Allows users to set a custom header image
    add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’, array(
    ‘width’ => 196,
    ‘height’ => 48,

    So, just change the numbers here after you size your logo to what you want so you know exact numbers to put in. After changing the code here, go to upload your logo by going to appearance, Header.

    Hope that works for you, it did for me.


    ok, perfect. thank you very much. but one more question. I uploaded an image of 1200×278 px, but it is still a blank space on the sides. apparently I can not insert an image larger than 1062×236 px … why?

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