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    1st of all: awesome theme! thanx alot!
    I just put on the esplanade theme and everything seemed to look fine on IE, Firefox, Chrome. But then I check the site on iphone and android – and everything there is chaos: 1. slider is neither shown correctly nor clickable, 2. page seems to be too wide to show completely.
    Any sollutions/ideas on this?
    i’d be most thankful for help!


    are you seeing problems with the menu navigation and search box in IE?

    What version of IE?

    I have been able to simulate the mobile screens by making my browser window more narrow on my desktop. I have not yet tested on any mobile devices so I can not help there, but it may be easier to study behavior using the narrow window method.


    thanx for the answer. maybe i didnt make my issue clear. problem is the layout in browsers of mobile devices – iphone and android phones.
    here, i have two problems:
    1. i can only see 80% of my header and cannot zoom in/out
    2. the slider is not shown correctly – picture preview and article teaser are not next to each other but they are shown on top of each other. means you cannot read anything, just looks chaotic.
    any ways to solve this issue?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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