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    Hi there,

    I have spend two days altering my blog in CSS (pad on the shoulder for non-tech person) and now I have three last issues to resolve.

    There is a Featured category on the home page but I would like Reviews to come up there – I changed it in the Settings bit but it doesn’t come up (nothing comes up even after I created a featured category and linked some articles to it – it’s not set on static).
    On top of that I’d like the header for that to read Reviews as well – would anyone know how to do that?

    The other issue is that I do not know how to prevent articles to come up twice on the home page, in different categories – is there a way to stop that from happening?

    Last (but not least) if I open the blog in IE (I’m using IE8 at work) the main menu comes up in one banner instead of two and one category dissapears behind the Search bar – what should I add to my CSS to prevent that? I tried overflow: hidden but that just pushed it down (looking verrry weird).

    I copied my CSS in Pastebin in case a good samaritan is willing to help and needs to look at that.

    I’d really really appreciate the help.


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    Daniel Tara

    You should be able to change the category displayed under the Featured section under Appearance > Theme Options. To change the title of the section as well you need to manually edit the home.php file.

    Excluding the featured and popular posts from the main loop involves hacking into the code and is a pretty complex task to be discussed here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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