Changing CSS, say for, menu height or anything else simple but so tricky!

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    Hi, your theme could be so good if only, the simple things were editable instead of the flashy stuff. Pinboard on full width template (all templates) does easily reveal in which css the height of the menu can be set. In fact i can’t find it any css file, making a copy theme (all though good practice) would not help either,so editting some css is all i have to go on.

    class=”menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-9″>

    the value of height : 38px is set where, it seems to be part of some hard-coded algorithm in function.php or index.php, but “menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-9” does not exist in any of the supplied css files in the folder pinboard.

    Such a simple requirement, to be able to change the menu layout to suit font size and header size, so designs can look complimentary. I now have the font size 18 (in your admin pgae great) but i have 38px height for the menu, so huge gap beneath, can’t align menu tabs either.

    Please advise how the css is evaluated from files and through code, so i can safely amend please.


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