Changing "Read entire article" and other "fixed" words?

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    Hi, i’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to working with wordpress. I really like the Cover WP Theme, but as I am setting up a site in swedish I would like to change the fixed english phrases on the site, such as “Read entire article”, “Read more”, and other english phrases like them.

    Can I do this through the WordPress editor and change one of the php-files? Or is there another way?


    Hi redondo,
    you need to open one of the language files that come with the theme. In the folder /wp-content/themes/cover-wp you find e.g. the file de_DE.po which is the English>German translation. Open this file with the open source program poedit ( and replace the German words and phrases with the Swedish versions. Then save the file as sv_SE.po (the file is generated automatically). Finally put the two Swedish language files in the same folder (wp-content/themes/cover-wp) again.
    Here’s some more information:

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