Creating an Esplanade Child Theme

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    Love the theme!. I’m a newbie and I am trying to make an Esplanade child theme on my test site.

    I created a directory called esplanade child in wp-content/themes. Then I created a style.css and placed it in the child directory. I activated the child theme. When I view the site, everything is moved to the left side of the screen, even though my theme settings appear to be the same as before I activated the child theme. The Header image is gone and I do not have an option to choose a default image or an image from the media library. The Background color I had entered previously is gone. The content in my menus and sidebars appears to still be present and links appear to be working. So, what am I missing?

    My website can be viewed here:

    Here is the content in my style.css sheet I placed in the child theme:

    Theme Name: Esplanade Child
    Theme URI:
    Description: Child Theme for Esplanade
    Author: Bernice
    Author URI:
    Template: esplanade
    Version: 0.1

    @import url(“../esplanade/style.css”);


    No longer need help with child theme. I used the One Click Child Theme plugin and it worked great.


    BerniceL – I also used the One Click plugin, but I didn’t get any changes to take effect when I tried editiing style.css in the child theme. Your changes worked?


    jalex11 – Sorry it took so long to reply. I could not remember how I setup the child theme. I had to find my notes. I only made one change to the Esplanade theme, which was to show full content of posts instead of excerpt. I did not edit the style.css. I did not have any luck with that either.

    I do not know if this is the right way, but this is what I did:
    I opened the Esplanade content.php file in Notepad++. Changed the code to show full content in posts. Saved it to my computer as a new document in My Documents. Used my FTP client to upload the edited file to the Esplanade Child Theme folder. Checked my site and posts now displayed full content.

    I updated the Esplanade theme today and my posts are still displaying full content.

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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