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    Thank you for such a wonderful template. I have followed and read many of the customization solutions on this site. I have created a custom template called “nosidebar.php” in order to eliminate the sidebar. However, I want to expand the main content section to the full width. I have found the appropriate variable controlling specific width in the styles.css file. Is there any way that I can make a call to a set of variables in the styles (or mystyles).css file specifically from the nosidebar.php template file? Thanks for all your help.

    Matt Maciag
    Dexter Community Schools

    Daniel Tara

    Hi Matt,

    What you could do is give a class .nosidebar to that template, and add in the css something like:

    .nosidebar #center {

    P.S. I have deleted your email address from the post, you may not want to display that publicly.


    Thanks!! For both removing my email and answering my question so amazingly quickly. I’m able to look at people’s code and muddle my way through a bit and your reply helped me tremendously. Thank you! (Helped me understand php and css a little bit more as well, no matter how basic!)

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