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    I am just building a site for my wife and the shortened entries on the home page are not formatted the same way as the articles themselves. One post if a simple YouTube video link, for example. In the article page, the link produces an embedded video. On the homepage, no content whatsoever. In our second test post, the paragraph breaks are ignored in the home page summary of the article. Is there something we can do so that home page summaries reflect the content of the actual article (even if it’s only the first image and/X words of text)?

    Daniel Tara

    This is because the post lists show only the post excerpt by default (i.e. not fulled content but a stripped out, shortened version of it).

    To display the full content you need to do some modifications, [url=]this post[/url] explains what these modifications are.

    Basically what you need to do is replace every occurence of :

    				$words = display_thumbnail(230,165,$words,55);
    			    if(count($excerpt) > $words) $count = $words;
    				else $count = count($excerpt); ?>
                  <p><?php for($i = 0; $i <= $count - 1; $i++) { echo $excerpt[$i]; echo ' '; } echo '…'; ?> "><?php _e('Read entire article','cover-wp') ?> »</p>

    or anything similar, with:

    <?php the_content( __('Read entire article','cover-wp') ); ?>

    I’ll make that change. Thanks.

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