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    I’m having trouble getting my site’s landing page to appear as full width. All of the site’s pages are set to full width, and work great. The landing page, however, appears as the reduced with 750px. I have the following selected:

    theme -> customize -> static front page: “Your latest posts”. I would like to keep it set this way rather than change to a static page so that I can keep the grid of latest blog posts below the slider. A static page will display full width, but then it won’t show the latest blog posts below, so I can’t use this option.

    no sidebar; I don’t want a sidebar on the front page (or anywhere on the site actually), so I can’t widen the landing page by selecting one of the sidebar layouts in the layout section. Interestingly, there are two single column layouts to choose from, one looks narrow, the other full width. I have the full width one chosen, but it still shows up narrow on the landing page. Not sure if I misunderstand something there.

    I really appreciate any help. And thanks for a great theme, by the way.

    Here’s the site I’m working on: http://umzansizuludance.com/


    Hi there, I was having the same problem. Seems like it just ignores the configuration options for full width, sidebars, etc sometimes. I added the following custom CSS under Appearance > Theme Options > Layout:

    .page-template-template-no-sidebars-php #wrapper,
    .page-template-template-blog-no-sidebars-php #wrapper,
    .page-template-template-portfolio-no-sidebars-php #wrapper {


    Thanks, that did the trick!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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