Galleries not compatible with JetPack/Lightbox Plus

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    I noticed that there is some kind of incompatibility between Pinboard’s galleries and some of the plugins (JetPack and Lightbox Plus, to be exact).

    JetPack has a feature of ‘Tiled Galleries’ but it doesn’t override the Themes settings (I had disabled all the other plugins while testing it, so it can only by something in the Theme).

    The same goes with Lightbox Plus – even if I disable all the other plugins, it works well on single images but doesn’t work on galleries, even if I check “Use For WP Gallery” in Lightbox’s settings (thumbnail settings link to ‘file’ as well).

    I’ve also tried the FancyBox and it does appear to be working with both single images and galleries, so I’m not sure what could be the problem.

    And I was wandering if there is anything I could do make JetPack’s Tiled Galleries to work because they do look very appealing. And I really like Lightbox’s features as well πŸ™‚

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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