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    I have chosen the Gallery option in each individual post. So, when I get to the post, the photos I’ve uploaded will be displayed as thumbnails. When I click on thumbnails, the individual photos will be displayed in a flash slider (or whatever you call that), which I really like. The problem is there are also thumbnails underneath each post, on top of the thumbnails already displayed on top of it, and I don’t think it’s necessary to have two thumbnails of the same photos on each post. How can I get rid of the thumbnails displayed at the bottom of each post ?
    This is what I’m referring to for better understanding:

    Thanks for such a beautiful template!


    Hi! I have the same issue. Your site is beautiful. Could you please tell me how your resolved the problem?

    Thanks so much!


    I went and had a look at your site. Nice job.

    [url=]My slider panels[/url] link to a gallery just like yours, with thumbnails that then lead to the flash slideshow. Just for the record, I think the issue of having duplicate photos on the gallery page came from clicking the “insert into post” button after uploading an image into your media gallery.

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