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    I have the “gallery” setting in posts.

    I have checked “Open image links in a lightbox” in Appearance > Theme options.
    But the Gallery Post’s photos don’t open in the lightbox.
    Instead, each photo opens as an attachment.

    What can I do to have the lightbox work?

    How to stop the feature image from appearing in the gallery?

    How to change the color of the frames of the gallery photo images from white to gray or black?

    In Home page (front page?), the icon is filled with three photos.
    I assume it’s because the setting is the photo gallery posts.
    When the setting is the standard posts, only one photo shows up in icon.

    How can it make one photo to appear instead of three small photos in crowded space?

    In Appearance > Theme options, there is a thing called, “Posts Navigation”.
    What is the difference between static links, AJAX links, and infinite scroll?

    Thank you so much.

    Daniel Tara

    1. Add the parapeter link=”file” to the gallery shortcode
    2. Add the image’s id to the exclude parameter of the shortcode. Alternatively don’t attach that image to the post. See more here.
    3. In style.css change the background value of .gallery-item
    4. You have the column attribute for the gallery shortcode, see the link above
    5. Static links is the classic Next/Previous pagination, AJAX has a “Load more posts” link and Inifinite scroll automatically loads new posts when the page has scrolled to the bottom.



    Arigato Gozaimasu!

    1. Works great! Now I have the lightbox feature!
    Thank you!!

    But while some photos are fit to the website screen, others go beyond and show only part of the photos…

    Do you happen to know what needed it be done to have all the photos in the lightbox to fit to the screen?
    That goes to both vertical and horizontal ones.

    2. How to find the shortcode for the image?
    I was hoping some easy fix in the child theme’s style.css…
    Would that be possible?

    3. It worked!!
    Thank you!

    4. I’m sorry, but I might not have made myself clear…

    These are post icons (or post box? I don’t know how to call it) under the slider on the home page (front page)…
    When I have a standard post, only one photo shows up, which is great.
    But when it’s a gallery post, three small photos show up in a box (or icon) randomly and look too busy…

    I don’t have the column attribute for the gallery shortcode, so I am not sure what I can do to prevent from three photos to show up…

    5. Thank you for explaining!

    Thank yo so much for all your help.
    You are amazing.


    I’ve got similar problem with lightbox gallery.
    On my site: there is small gallery (3 pictures). When someone want to to open (click) the photo the lightbox is running but only for 2 seconds and later the picture is open in browser (like as link).
    I checked that the gallery got this short code: [gallery link="file"]

    What can I do to fix it?

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