Have various issues with the Minimatica theme

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    I really like this theme, but I am not an IT person and certain issues have been bothering.

    1. I have four posts and assigned each post a featured image. Now when I click that slide it takes me to the post.
    The Problem is, I do not want the featured image to appear on the post. Can I remove it without upsetting the slider?

    2. I want to write a blog in one of the posts. How can I change that particular post to blog format?

    3. One of the posts is all about images. I created a gallery of 10 pics, but I can see only four. Further, When I click on one of the images, I get suggestions of images in other posts and images I haven’t included in the gallery.

    can someone help?



    Not sure about issue 1 and 3, but I may have a solution for 2. Here’s a post I wrote explaining how I set up my Minimatica blog here using Michael Clark’s Ultimate Category Excluder plugin.


    I have the same issue as #3, however, I can only see the first four images out of 20 that I create in a gallery for any given page. I really need to be able to show more than four images in order to demo my work..


    I have been trying to get my post to populate on the home screen and cannot seem to get it to work. I am a newbie to WordPress and am using Go Daddy as my server. This is one of the best WordPress designs for photos and audio…I’d so love to get it all to work together! Thank you for your time. JR

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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