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    Was working fine, suddenly not – don’t know of anything I changed in this area, but there was probably something.

    I have a header image, proper size and all, uploaded, and if I look at Appearance/Header the right pic shows as selected. Unfortunately there’s no image displayed on the page πŸ™ Again, was working, now it’s not, probably something I did without realizing, but I don’t know what, and I feel like I don’t know exactly when I did it either.

    I have a static front page and another page has blog posts – only on the blog page, the image IS displayed but BELOW the header/nav area. Other pages are the same as the home page – no image.

    This is my last “problem” before I deploy this, hopefully you’ll have a simple fix. Thanks!


    If I select another theme, then I get the expected result with the header image, so the problem is somehow with the Enlightenment theme.

    Looked like a promising theme, but unless someone comes up with hints to fix my problem I’ll be abandoning the idea.

    Daniel Tara

    This behavior is intentional. You can set the header image as a featured image on the page you are trying to display it and it will show up in the same spot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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