How do I link images in lightbox to 'next' or 'previous'?

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    I have some images on my pages that are displayed with ‘lightbox’ enabled, the images display very well when you click the thumbnails but there is no option to view the ‘next’ or ‘prev’ image. One must close the image and select another.

    In order to do this, what code do I need to change and where would I change it?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    my website is

    Daniel Tara

    Fist try updating to the latest version of the theme. This is an automatic feature of the lightbox which rerely fails.


    Thank you for your response. I updated the Pinboard theme and activated it and a very curious thing happened. I lose the layout that I had with a sidebar menu and the pages that I have under a parent that used to appear in a drop down menu now all appear in the main menu. I tried to correct this in edit page but the pages already appear to be under a parent.

    I changed back to my child theme that I had before. Any other suggestions? I am very sorry if I am misunderstanding something?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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