How to add Instagram link?

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    Heleen Rittershaus

    I want to add the Instagram link & badge to my site. How to do this if there is no mention of Instagram on the ‘general’ page of Theme Options..?
    Thank you:)


    I had the same issue and fixed it this way: I linked my instagram in the “linkedin” field (in the theme options). I don’t use linkedin, so I didn’t care for that one. And I changed the linkedin icon into an instagram icon, by accessing the theme pictures in my FTP. I named my instagram icons the same as the original linkedin icons, and replaced them in my FTP. So, now I basically have instagram icons showing that are named linkedin, but who cares, right? It’s not like your readers will know.

    Heleen Rittershaus

    Hi Lisa! It was ages ago but many thanks for your respons to my question! Ashamed to say I haven’t yet managed to actually implement the icon on my site… Although, I did just manage to implement the Instagram link (I used Flickr account field as I am on LinkIn..). But I have no idea how to get the Instagram icon/badge on my site. There is a new icon now but I guess it’s the Flickr one..?
    What do you mean when you say: “..access the theme pictures on your http://FTP..” What is FTP?? Could you explain again in One Design For Dummies language?!:))
    Hope to hear. Thanks SO munch!
    What’s your site btw?


    FTP is the path to files on your website host server. WordPress, once it is installed in your FTP files, is an easy way to manipulate the files without having to go to the server or the real files of your website. Whoever set up your WordPress website should be able to help you access your FTP files with your website host.

    I would love to know where Lisa got the Instagram icon! Is it already in the theme’s pictures?! Going to go look now…will go to my FTP files through my host’s server and look under wordpress folder for theme’s pictures


    Do we have a photoshop template of these icons that we can use?

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