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    I am trying to remove the top menu and side bars from just one of our pages.

    Choose Your Oddmall

    Ideally, I would just like to have the clickable images so that when people come to our website via our main url (, it redirects them to the “Choose your Oddmall” page like it does currently (

    Since we have a separate website for each event, we wanted visitors to land on the page, select their show, and it takes them where they want to go. The problem is, the menu bars on the top and side of the page confuse people and they click the links and end up elsewhere on the main website, and thus signing up for the May event instead of say, the December event. So far, we’ve had to make a “Choose your Oddmall” page for each website and update each one as we rotate through shows. It’s confusing and time consuming.

    I’m not very versed in dealing with the style sheets, and all of the “How To’s” assume that I have a solid base knowledge and skip many steps. I’ve also tried several plugins, but the menus are still there. If someone can walk me through the process of getting rid of the menus on that page, that would be super fantastic!


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