Huge spaces / gaps between grid thumbnails, alignment is off

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    I upgraded to WP 3.7.1 and to Pinboard 1.1.2 but it has thrown off the alignment of my thumbnails. Before they would all rearrange nicely next to and on top of one another with very little space, but now there are huge gaps between all my entries for the grid. My website is here:

    What can I do so that it reverts back to its original way of “fitting together” perfectly?

    Thank you


    Daniel Tara

    You have probably overridden the function pinboard_register_scripts() in your child theme. If so, you need to update the paths to the scripts from the theme’s functions.php file to your child theme’s functions.php file.


    Thank! It is now perfectly resolved. I downloaded functions.php from the original and copied it over to the child copy – perfect. Thanks again!

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