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    Hello! I’ve read through this thread, and while I don’t think the issue I’m having is exactly the same, it’s very similar.

    I am running WordPress 4.2.2 with Enlightenment 1.1.3, which I believe is the most current version.

    I have all of my sidebars in place and they work perfectly. Have been working for awhile now. Didn’t have any issues adding them or saving them. But NOW, when I go in to edit my page, as soon as I hit the “Preview Changes” button, all of my sidebars reset themselves. It doesn’t matter if I actually change or save anything. It’s clicking the “Preview Changes” button that causes the reset.

    I would appreciate any help or insights you can provide.

    Thank you!


    I’m having the frustrating situation as the beginning of this thread. Brand new WordPress install. Installed the latest Enlightenment theme from WordPress, was doing fine going through the home page tutorial, then noticed that when I created a third sidebar, it replaced the first, and so on. Came on this site and read through this thread.

    Uninstalled the theme, checked that the folder was gone, then reinstalled from the zip linked in this thread. Noticed that the last three sidebars created were still there. Tried to add another. Same issue. Deleted all sidebars, uninstalled theme, reinstalled the theme from zip, created a sidebar. Now the second one I creates replaces the first, so I am stuck with just one sidebar. What is going on?


    I’m having the same (rather annoying) issue as described at the start of this topic. As suggested troughout the thread: updated my wordpress install (already up to date), uninstalled theme, reinstalled from the zip in this threat and got on to creating new sidebars…..same issue.

    As soon as I created one and try a second one, the second one overrides the first. Please help.

    Daniel Tara

    All your reported issues have been resolved in version 1.1.4, you can download it here.



    I just installed the new version, but the issue remains….WP install is up to date and version 1.1.4 of Enlightment is installed.


    I’m having the same problem.

    has this been fixed yet?


    Same problem here. Fresh install of wordpress, fresh install of v1.1.4

    I can get as many as 3 sidebars created if I close the tab, open a new tab, navigate to admin panel and create a new sidebar. After 3, however, new ones are saved on top of previous ones.

    Any help??



    I found that when I enter a new sidebar name and press enter to start the form action, the default action on the page is the first button–which happens to be the Delete button of the top sidebar.

    By entering the name, then scrolling all the way to the bottom and selecting “Save”, the new sidebar is saved without deleting any of the older ones.

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