Issue with Slideshow Gallery plugin, not creating ::before or ::after selectors?

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    Hi Daniel! Firstly, thanks for contributing to the WordPress community. I’ve been using the Pinboard theme for a while and absolutely love it – the front page slideshow is really great.

    I was wondering if you were able to help me diagnose/fix why Pinboard Theme v1.1.12 (on WordPress v5.5.3) has a little formatting error when trying to display a slideshow gallery (Slideshow Gallery v 1.6.15)? I’m happy to try and troubleshoot the code myself if you point me in the right direction. The specific error I have is the HTML produced when trying to embed a slideshow from the plugin is missing applying a “::before” and “::after” selector before the “Previous Image” and “Next Image” links of the Slideshow Gallery plugin. I can send a screenshot if that helps!

    Appreciate you’re super busy, but would appreciate any time you’re able to spare on this! Thanks

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