Language Packs?

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    Had to edit the .pot-file and translated the search form as we well; will show as “Durchsuche diese Website”.

    For it to work properly, you’ll have to correct two small things in the functions.php:
    Add “Maybe try the archives or use another search term.” to “The content you are looking for could not be found.” and correct the spelling mistake “Use the information below or try to SEACH to find what you\’re looking for:” to “search”.

    Hope that’s everything now. Enjoy


    Hallo Kiwiaufzeit,

    Du hattest netterweise einen Downloadlink zu den deutschen Sprachdateien ins Forum gestellt. Leider funktioniert der Link nicht mehr.
    Magst Du die Sprachdateien nochmal zur Verfügung stellen?
    Wäre super!! 🙂

    Herzliche Grüße


    Hi everyone,

    I was able to sort out things with Hope via mail, but for those of you still looking for the files, I uploaded them to my own webspace.

    Plus the functions.php after correcting a few mistakes in there

    Hope that works for everyone!
    See ya



    If this can someone help files languages in french
    Download at SpeedyShare:
    Download at SpeedyShare: fr-FR.po
    There may be errors, please report it.
    It would be good if other files are part of the theme is downloaded this.
    Thank you


    Hi there,
    Thanks for all for the details.
    I’ll start for Turkish.
    If anyone wants, let me know…

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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