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    I’m afraid I know the answer to this already, but I figure I’ll ask to be safe:

    Is there any possible way to have to separate portfolios with separate content on website using the Pinboard theme? The people I’m making this for (a musical group) would like to have a “discography” section, which I’ve set up as a portfolio page with audio posts using the “portfolio” category. Also they’d like a DVDs section with video clips.

    Of course, when I try to set up the DVD page using a portfolio template and posts with video format and “portfolio” category, all the audio and video content gets mixed up on both the discography and DVD page. I can’t think of a way around this problem. Any ideas?

    Thanks for suggestions and feedback!


    Hi scytale,

    actually the theme support only one portfolio.

    But you can add different categories to a portfolio. Each category than can be target seperatly, so that they don’t see each others content:

    I also wrote a tutorial how to do that:

    Hope that helps.

    Alexander @


    That’s exactly what I needed. Thanks, Alexander!


    Hi, Alexander

    I followed your tutorial for creating the portfolio and everything went well. But when I try to add more categories following the 2nd tutorial I cannot get the white & blue second menu to appear above the thumbnail posts like it does here:

    My main menu bar shows the categories as submenus under “portfolio” when I hover over it, so it seems like I’ve added everything correctly and I’ve double checked the instructions.

    One thought — I deleted the “currently browsing” section of the code so that it doesn’t display — is the category menu tied to that?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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