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    In the ThemeOptions.php

    It outlines the tools that should be shown on the page:
    Pinboard Options ->Theme Options ->Design

    This piece Indicates that on that menu there should be a tool to easily change the hover color on the navigation bar.

    Select theme to edit:

    function pinboard_menu_hover_color() { ?>
    <input name="pinboard_theme_options[menu_hover_color]" type="text" id="menu_hover_color" class="wp-color-picker" value="” />

    But that had no effect

    Another part I found:
    Pinboard: theme-options.php (includes/theme-options.php)

    ‘pinboard_colors’ );
    add_settings_field( ‘pinboard_menu_hover_color’, __( ‘Navigation Links Hover Color’, ‘pinboard’ ), ‘pinboard_menu_hover_color’,

    Now, I’ve been searching around in the files for a navigation bar/ menu file that would directly let me set the color but so far this is the only snippets I found.

    My site:

    I’d greatly appreciate being pointed to where I can set this hover color. Or if this is something I need to write CSS for to overwrite other code about it.


    Sorry I just realized all my pasting bits of code my first two separate bits got melded together:

    This is what I changed:

    Pinboard: Theme Functions (functions.php)
    ‘menu_hover_color’ => ‘#00a6c3’,

    It didn’t work but I haven’t found another place where you directly set a color choice. In the previous pinboard version it was part of that user friendly Design menu.



    Hi WWIN,

    Instead of tweaking the code, which will be possible replaced with an update, try to add the color changes in your css instead. I wrote a tutorial how to change certain parts of the menu:

    Alexander @


    HI Alex,

    Your tutorial is super helpful, especially for a first timer like me. However I couldn’t get some of navigation CSS to work.

    1.)Change sub-menu width

    #access li ul {
    min-width: 200px;

    2.) Size of sub menu
    #access a span {
    line-height: 1.62em;

    I used this instead to adjust the height and it worked..
    #access ul {
    line-height: 10px;

    but I still can’t figure out how to adjust the width of the sub-menu. Could you help me with that? THANKS

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