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    First of all, I love this theme and am hoping to transfer my website over to this look soon. However, I am having quite alot of trouble with the sidebars. I should mention that I have been testing the layout using the Theme Test Drive plugin and am viewing this in Chrome.

    So, when I select the right sidebar option (content/sidebar) under Theme Options – no sidebar column shows up – it has the same appearance as if I chose the no sidebar option.

    Also – when I select left sidebar (sidebar/content) or half/half, the sidebar column shows up, but is blank – and nothing I do can make any sidebar widgets show up. I’ve tried putting them in every sidebar option I have (sidebar top/right/left/bottom boxes..etc.) it is always blank.

    Any ideas? I like this theme, but can’t use it if the sidebars don’t work.

    Also a related question, if I get this issue sorted out – can I use custom sidebars in this theme? I need quite a few different sidebars- customized for each section of my site.


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