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    Hello there. I m a new user and I dont have much experience with WP or CSS. I’d like to put some space between my header image and site title. How can I do that?

    jon johanssen

    can someone give me some advice? I am trying to set my header image size to something like 630 x 250 , but pinboard keeps limiting it to “Suggested width is 392 pixels. Suggested height is 96 pixels”

    please send me a note at [email protected] to discuss this, its a real nuisance, and probably has a simple solution which I have yet to discover, thanks



    This theme is great but I am having real problems with the size of my header image.

    It doesn’t seem to matter what size logo I upload it appears to reduce it in size. The documentation states it can be any size so I was after some guidance.

    This is the link to the draft site as it is at the moment.

    Can anyone offer some advice.




    I have resolved this. A quick question tho; can an image be used for the whole header banner or will it always resize as a logo?


    Hey Guys, I am using Pinboard to build my website. I do not have the time and expertise to do what I want. Therefore I am looking for professional help.

    I need a new and responsive header built for my website similar to the one using by with minor changes

    1)The header must fall within the website frame (and be borderless)
    2)Must have a two-layer image/text background rotation effect: each picture in rotation will be a background image (1st layer) followed by text (second layer).
    -First picture is Background image (first layer) followed by website title, then Slogan (second layer )
    -Second picture is a Background image (first layer), followed by Welcome message (second layer)
    The text layer (second layer) must be centered in relation to the background image (1st layer)

    The effect that I am looking for can be found in must slideshows. A example is the slideshow plug-in the in the Pinboad website

    The picture effect I am looking for can be found here at

    The social icons with the search icon will remain exactly where they are now on the header.

    The main navigation will remain exactly where it is now on the header (but centered)
    The size of the header must be half the height of the page frame Viewable on the computer screen

    In action, a page with the header should look as if it is opened with a borderless slideshow contained within the page frame and about half the height of the page frame Viewable on the computer screen (with the main navigation bar at the center, separating the header from the body).

    Or is it possible to have a borderless slideshow replaced the header area?
    Please contact me. I need to have this done as soon as possible.



    Hi, i have installed Pinboard version 1.1.7 completely but its slide show does not work, plz advise how can i use this slide show like its demo. Tx

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