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    I really like this Pinboard v1.0.7 theme, but it does take some learning. I have two issues:

    1. I have a custom banner 1200x160px with my site name as part of the graphic. I have turned off the site name appearing below the banner. The social media icons show up, Facebook and Linkedin icons slide and work, but the search icon does not slide nor work. What do I need to do to get the search icon to work?

    2. There is too much space between the top and bottom of my banner. I cannot seem to squeeze this excess white space out of the page. I have tried, without success, in my Theme Options, Layout:

    #site-title {

    Also #header input#s { display: none; } and line-height: 92px; does not eliminate the excess space.

    Thanks! Don from Canada.


    Issue #1 I have solved. The UI of the social media graphics are different. There is a slide mechanism for Facebook and Linkedin. You mouse over and the graphic changes (they slide upwards), giving you feedback about its function and to acknowledge your action.

    The search function acts differently. You mouse over the search icon and nothing changes. You need to click on the search icon and the search bar will then slide to the left. Type in your search criteria and hit and your search results will return.

    The feedback and actions of the Facebook and Linkedin social media buttons varies greatly from the UI of the search. Because the FB and Linkedin buttons are side by side with the search button, I thought that their actions would be identical, and was proved wrong. This would throw off users of my site, as it did me.


    Issue #2 has been resolved. Reduced my banner graphic to 850 x 160, resulting in the social media icons moving from below the banner to beside the banner. The social media icons slide just as well. Using search the other social media icons move to below the search bar.

    The space between the banner and the menu bar is markedly reduced and is looking much better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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