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    Daniel Tara

    In order to properly understand your request, be able to look up into it and find the best solution for you, it’s best that you include a link to the website and be as specific as possible.
    Thank you


    Are the non-free themes better supported than the free ones?  Is there phone support for any?

    Are the non-free themes more robust/stable?

    Are they kept up-to-date with the WordPress versions better than free themes?


    Thanks ,


    Blue Spark

    I’m having the same issue. Mine looks great in firefox and chrome, but looks horrible in internet 9. Can you help?



    Ok it works now. [email protected]


    Thanks BarryMorris for helpful information. I’m trying to learn the Pinboard theme using a test site. The slider controls appear on the landing page but the images from the posts do not. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. Any suggestions?

    …just by accident, added a post image but this time set it as a featured image, and just like magic it appeared! Don’t know if this is the only solution to the problem I had, but in any case it would be helpful to know why this setting had an impact. Thanks.


    Hi pmb,

    try this one in your css;

    .entry, #comments, #respond {
    background: none;
    box-shadow: none;
    border-bottom: none;

    Referring to your particular page, targeting only the .entry class would also be sufficient.

    Alexander @


    Mon URL :



    Yes, you need to understand the code to use it on your thumbnails. And as I said this makes it not useable in an responsiv design. Matt Bango gives a good insight how the zoom effect works in theory and gives also a good example on his website:

    Alexander @


    Test site, I have been trying, with some difficulty to find the css line associated with, changing the width of side bar left to fit the width of the entire wrapper. If you look at my site example it is clear that there is quite a bit of grey space to the far right hand side. I need an answer that will also be compatible with other browsers.


    If you watch my website on a mobile device, the menu bar starts to sit in the upper right corner above my text of the header. is there any way to get this back inline ?

    Sorry for my bad english. btw good that you guys have a support page / even for the freebies.

    Grts T.s.



    I was wondering if there is a plugin that can automatically resize feature photos on the home page. I am not good at resizing so I am having problems with it. I want all of the posts on the home page to have a feature photo but most of the time the photos are overlapping into the post above and blocking the bottom. Here is my blog link:
    As you can see I am having huge problems with overlapping.

    I was able to fix the ones that are presently on the home page, but they look blurry. How can the photos be made sharper. I am in the middle of switching from blogger to wordpress and the learning curve is higher.



    Can anyone please help me understand why my featured images are blurry? This just happened out the blue and it’s only on my last four posts. Take a look I’m using the pinboard theme.

    Thanks a lot.



    Hello to all members of the group, I would like to put my own banner at the top, is it possible, if so how I do it.
    Thanks in advance
    Link to my site:
    PS I’d love to get helpful tips

    Hans van Doorn


    I downloaded template Pinboard the free version. But i cannot find the slider. Is it not possible to use the slider in the free version?
    Otherwise where can i find the slider or which one can i use?

    I hope someone wil help me so i can go on whit this nice template!


    Hans van Doorn the Netherlands

    How do I put a full blown picture beneath the navigation bar? Thank you. God Bless.

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