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    Hi there.

    Currently building my site and love the theme. (great customisation and it does everything I want.) but…

    I’ve got a few issues with setting up my portfolio.
    – I have created a page called Portfolio and set it to the Portfolio-left sidebar template
    – I have created a portfolio category and some sub categories.
    – I’ve made a post, all laid out how I want my portfolio pages to look, assigned it to the portfolio category and the relevant sub category.
    – I added my portfolio page to the menu.

    By what I found searching the entire forum everything should be working fine.

    What I actually have is when I navigate to the Portfolio Page I am looking at my Home Page
    The only way I seem to be able to view my portfolio is through the category navigation (so for the time being I have just added the category to the top nav bar.)

    The other problem being that because the page I set for the portfolio is pulling my home page content it means my home page is pulling the portfolio content (but showing a Content not found page instead.) Given the work around I have done I’m hoping by deleting the portfolio page everything will return to normal but I would like everything to function as intended.

    I have;
    Bootstrap 3
    Font Awesome
    installed I have deactivated them all and tried different combinations of them active, non of which seem to be interfering with the theme.
    I’ve also tried all sorts of possible page/category set ups, none of which seem to work. The closest I got was to activate the portfolio custom post type in jetpack and use that to create my portfolio but that caused the currently viewing bar to not return with the category and description (as it was portfolio not post) and I got full post view rather than grid view. But this did populate the portfolio page with portfolio items and the home page was also in it’s proper place.

    Hopefully someone has the answer.

    Daniel Tara

    Pinboard does not support Jetpack’s portfolio custom post types, instead it styles posts in the portfolio category. If you want to use Jetpack’s portfolio try Enlightenment theme.


    I had saw that it wasn’t compatible, I had only tried it as an alternative because I couldn’t get the native view to work.

    In the end I had settled for making the link in the navigation point directly to the category which worked but then I accidentally hit the portfolio page url when I was trying to look up another page and was quite surprised to see it all working as it should.

    So problem solved, I just don’t know how.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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