Possible to make "headline" sticky or to exclude a new post from "headline"?

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    Is it possible to control what goes into the headline box and/or to make the headline article “sticky”? It seems to me that my latest post is always in the headline box and whenever I put a new post in the headline is replaced.


    Daniel Tara

    The Headline shows the very latest posts. That was its intention.

    Sticky posts show up in a separate section on the home page, called “Announcements”.



    I know this is an old post, but nonetheless…

    How do “Announcements” show up? What do I need to do there?



    To make a headline article sticky, simply choose All Posts, click the post you want to make sticky, then on the Edit Post page edit the Visibility options in the Publish sidebar. This is where you can choose to make the post sticky which will permanently stick the post to your home page in a new box called “Announcements” which will be immediately above the Headline box. If you don’t have any sticky posts, the Announcements box doesn’t show up. You can see an example of what this looks like on my website:


    What I would like is some way to make the thumbnail image in the Announcements box smaller so the Announcements box doesn’t take up so much real estate on the home page. I would prefer it to be a narrow box…not the same size box as my Headline. Any ideas how to do this? Seems like it could be accomplished with custom CSS but I’m not sure.


    I figured out the sticky, I just changed the <h3><?php _e(‘announcements’,’cover-wp’) ?></h3> to headline, but now I want to remove the actual headline section permanently so that it only shows the sticky version, i’ve tried removing the code, but it causes massive problems with the website, im pretty new at this stuff, does anyone have any idea how to do this? the website is http://www.nicsentinel.com and it’s the second headline I want to remove

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