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    I would like to do two things related to the “Posts Navigation” option in the Theme options.
    First, I’d like to have either a Static Links or Ajax Links-like navigation (basically, no infinite scroll so that users can see the footer easily) BUT replace the text that shows up with something else.
    Then, I’m using my portfolio page to display my organisation’s team members. So I need it to show me all the posts at once, with no post navigation.

    Basically, if I set up Infinite Scroll, then my portfolio page works fine, since I can see all team members in one page, but the home page doesn’t, since I have to wait for ALL posts to have been loaded before I can see the footer. On the other hand, when I set up links (static or Ajax), my home page displays the way I want it, but my portfolio/team page requires me to click in order to see all of my team’s members.

    Is there anyway to tweak the theme so that it displays the way I want?



    Cristian Santibanez

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