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    Shapeshifter 3

    Arf! Arf! (Howdy! Again)

    I recently moved my site to this Pinboard theme. One of the main reasons is for the collapsible primary menu and its ease of use on smart phones. Here’s a link:

    One of the most difficult decisions for me to make personally is WHAT, WHERE, and HOW MANY menu items to display for the viewer. I have left other themes because they would not allow 3 levels of menu items, and if they did, displayed them horribly. Pinboard does a great job.

    My current decision is: what to display, and what not. I’ve created a weird site that is a combination of ENTERTAINMENT and INFORMATION. It is not something that I planned in the beginning…it just evolved.

    If anybody would like to provide feedback on how I can improve the user experience using this theme…please offer it. I’m trying to please a Male, Female, Global Audience.

    A young woman in her early twenties recently told me that the word “Tags” confused her in the Primary Menu (she is NOT techy) and suggested that I use the word “Categories”. Does anyone agree with that, or not? Should I use BOTH “Categories” and “Tags” in the Primary Menu?

    Any other thoughts? (You’ll notice that I prefer Full-Width pages on my site.)

    Daniel Tara

    I suggest you remove the Tags item completely and turn it into a sidebar or footer widget. I would also make WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins as two main categories and then divide each in Free and Premium.

    Shapeshifter 3


    Those sound like good ideas…Thank You!

    It will make it look more professional.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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